Welcome to the
Framingham Coronavirus Community Outreach network!

Framingham Coronavirus Community Outreach was created with the goal of linking people who need help to those who are able to help. This is a network for the Framingham community during the coronavirus outbreak. We provide emergency support, emotional support, links to resources, and up-to-date store information.

Vaccine Help Effort Information

We have established a Command Center in the MetroWest Pharmacy dedicated to answering resident questions, finding and making appointments, and providing rides to those in need. More information can be found here.


Several of our documents have been translated into a variety of languages.

Spanish | Portuguese | Zhōng Wén | Hindi | Russian | French

Needs Help

If you are in need of help, please complete and submit the Help Request Form. We provide emergency assistance as well as resources for continued support.

If you need help filling out the submission form, please email us at FraminghamOutreach@gmail.com. Please make sure to note which language you speak.


If you are able to help, please fill out our Volunteer Submission Form.

We need volunteers to:

  • Shop and deliver items
  • Regularly  shop for an individual/family
  • Assist with applications
  • Translate.

Of course, if you are able to provide another service other than the ones listed, we’d love to have you join us!

 Emotional & Social Support

We are pleased to announce that local clinicians are offering free support for any individuals looking for strategies to manage anxiety and isolation. Check our Emotional & Social Support Doc for dates and times.

  Neighborhood Pods 

Find out how you can create a support system in your neighborhood.


A list of Framingham groups and organizations that are providing special services during the coronavirus pandemic. Please don’t hesitate to add groups or organizations that should be included on the list.

Store Information

A list of local area stores and their modified hours, special accomodations, and other pertinent information.

Mask Creation & Donation Effort

Because of the shortage of hospital masks, many communities are doing what they can to support those who are in dire need of masks – medical professionals, first responders, and those who are ill. We are coordinating local efforts to make and distribute masks. Check our Mask Creation and Donation info sheet for more information.


If you have items to donate, please add them to our Donations spreadsheet with your contact info. By putting your name on the list, those in need may reach out to you directly for support.

If you would prefer not to add your name and contact information to the spreadsheet, please email us at Help@FraminghamOutreach.com with your request and we can add you anonymously to the sheet.

GoFundMe Campaign

This fund was created for those who want to contribute financially to the Framingham Coronavirus Community Outreach group’s efforts. The money raised goes towards groceries and supplies for those in need. Once the pandemic ends, money that remains will be donated to Daniel’s Table.

Reimbursement for Helpers

To thank our helpers for all you’re doing, we have set up a system to reimburse you via PayPal. Please check our Reimbursement info sheet for more details.

Group Guidelines

Guidelines for all users of Framingham Coronavirus Community Outreach.

Note: guidelines have been translated into several languages. Please check the Translations above for details.


A ready-to-print flyer to help spread word about Framingham Coronavirus Community Outreach.

Note: flyer has been translated into several languages. Please check the  Translations  above for details.